Arentje Broekman Tanis and Jan Euwits Tanis

These are the parents of Hubert Tanis.  They were both born in Ouddorp, Netherlands in the province of Zeeland. According to the Tanis  family history complied by Marilyn Dirkse Reimink: Jan and Arentje were married in 1848 at the Vriesland parsonage of Dominie Maarten A. Ypma.  They were the first couple from the Drenthe congregation to be married.  At some point Artentje may have changed the spelling of her name because her grave stone has her name spelled as Aarntije.

Marie Tanis (middle row second from the left) at Lakewood Farm

For more information about Lakewood farm checkout this link:

Marie Tanis (on left), daughter of Hubert Tanis

Do “we” look good to you?  I really wish I new the story behind this photo.  Is this what dating looked pre-eHarmony?

Hubert Tanis Family, possibly 1923 or1924

Benjamin Tanis, John Tanis, Anna Tanis Klinesteker, Grandma Jennie Tanis, Edward Tanis, Elizabeth Tanis Karsten, Cornelia Tanis Wolters, Janet Tanis Dirkse, and Marie Tanis Drnek